New Patient

Chiropractic care optimizes spinal alignment and restores nervous system function. Many patients begin chiropractic care for a specific concern such as neck pain, mid or back pain, headaches, auto accidents or an accident at work.

Step 1 – Consultation

A thorough case history is taken on the new patient to determine if their problem is chiropractic related. Dr. Cartwright will consult with you about your entire case history. There is no charge for your initial consultation at our office.

Step 2 – Examination

If the doctor feels that you have a chiropractic related problem, or a condition that needs further evaluation, a thorough examination is performed.

Step 3 – X-ray

X-rays will be performed as indicated by your history and examination. Minimum views are taken. Modern film and screen combinations are used to minimize exposure.

Step 4 – Report of Findings

After a careful review of your x-rays, Dr. Cartwright will explain the finding with you. Recommendations and options will be made for your specific case.

Step 5 – Chiropractic Adjustment

At this time Dr. Cartwright will perform your adjustment.